MedTech Europe Code Updates

Good news! MedTech Europe recently published an updated version of their Code of Ethical Business Practices which includes extended Q&As that specifically address PCOs and their allowances under the new code. Based on new Q&As, non-related PCOs ARE able to request “commercial agreements” from MedTech Member Companies and use funds received to then sponsor HCPs

ABTS Convention Services attains Trusted Partner Certification through MedTech Europe’s Ethical Charter- First in the US.

ABTS Convention Services (ABTS), a global meetings and convention services company with 19 years of experience, has attained Ethical Charter Certification from MedTech Europe. ABTS Convention Services is the first meetings and events company in the US to be certified through the MedTech Europe Ethical Charter.

EthicalMedTech- Strategy for US Healthcare Organizations

The most important change for the US Medical Meeting Industry is that MedTech Europe member companies will not be able to directly sponsor an HCP, neither as a delegate nor as a speaker. As of 2018, MedTech Europe will require all meetings to be vetted through its Conference Vetting System, only these meetings will be eligible to receive funds from MedTech Europe member companies, — and only through educational grants.

Healthcare Organizations should brace themselves for an impact and will need to plan for a loss in revenue from any international delegation sponsored by Medical Technology Companies in Europe. From the ABTS portfolio of clients, we expect about 30 percent of delegations to be at risk for 2018 unless there is an overhaul of the current process to meet the Common Code requirements.