Better Mood Equals Better Performance

ABTS is a melting-pot of cultures. With employees from all over the world and over sixteen languages spoken company-wide, our diversity defines the environment in which our staff works. We encourage a positive work environment because we believe it sustains employee enthusiasm and keeps them motivated to collaborate. At ABTS, we are proud of our company culture. It is the glue that keeps us working together with a unified mission and toward the same goals.


Twin Day

This year, for the first time ever, our Belgrade and Miami office employees picked a partner and outfit to participate…


FIFA and Food for the Summer

Being an Italian-owned company means soup, salad, pasta and soccer!    Administration provided delicious lunch from Vino Tinto Spanish Restaurant…


Birthdays the ABTS Way!

Employees at ABTS are encouraged to show their colleagues appreciation on their special day with their cool/creative ideas! April is…


Outdoor Eating at The Wharf

President Davide Veglia thanked all employees for their work in contributing to ABTS’ growth during a company celebration at The…