BTS Sports Management division focuses on the creation, production and management of sporting events. In the South Florida market, ABTS currently supports Brazilian Soccer Training Center and manages the Annual Jogo Bonito Tournament & Carnival. Customized proposals for sporting events include:

Planning & Development



Information Technology

Ancillary Programming

Global Marketing Partner

  • Strategy

    • Goals & Objectives Planning
    • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
    • Budgeting/Financial Management
  • Information Technology

    • Website Development
    • Lead Retrieval
    • Attendee Tracking Systems
    • Traffic Analysis
  • Global Marketing Partner

    • Branded Sales and Marketing Campaigns
    • Development of marketing materials across
      various media platforms
    • Combination of Paid Advertisements,
      Traffic-driving Branded e-Blasts, Google and SEO
  • Coordination

    • Logistical Support/Coordination
    • Housing Support Services
    • Registration Services
  • Ancillary Programming

    • Ancillary Events
    • Ground Services
  • Planning & Development

    • Site/Venue Selection
    • Hotel Negotiation & Contracting
    • Food & Beverage Planning
    • Sponsorships
    • Marketing and Promotional Support